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5 reasons why making your bed is good for your mental health

5 reasons why making your bed is good for your mental health

I have never been good at making my bed. I’ve always viewed it as an unnecessary chore. I mean, what’s the point? You’re just going to go to sleep in it again that night, right? I’ve made every excuse under the sun…I don’t have time, I’m airing the sheets, I’m going to have a nap later, I just can’t be bothered. Sound familiar?

For the past two months, I have been making a conscious decision to make my bed every single morning. Not just pulling the covers up, but straightening out the sheets and blankets, and dressing it up with pretty cushions as well. At first my hubby would get annoyed with me…he’s never been much of a bed maker either…but now when we get up, he helps me! It’s a miracle!! lol. It’s now become a habit, and I love it! I don’t even recognise myself any more.

If you’re suffering from depression, I highly recommend that you start making your bed every morning. You will thank me, and here’s why…

1. It gives you a sense of accomplishment

By making your bed, you have achieved the first task of the day. As Admiral William McRaven says in the video below, it will give you a small sense of pride, and will encourage you to do another task, and another, and another. At first I didn’t believe it, but it’s true! I love stepping back and seeing my bed beautifully made. I now open the blinds and let the sun flood our bedroom. I put my shoes away, I hang up my towel, I put my clean clothes in the wardrobe, I vacuum! The bonus is, if you don’t do anything else during the day, you’ve still accomplished something, and you have a beautifully made bed to welcome you when you retire for the night.

2. It encourages you to get on with your day

On days that I’m feeling particularly depressed, I’m prone to hibernate. I’ve been known to get up for work, have a shower, then climb back into my bed still soaking wet and wrapped in a towel. Making my bed as soon as I get up encourages me to get on with the day. I’m less likely to climb back in and sleep the hours away. In fact, I’ve found that I get ready for work quicker now because I’m not having a lie down before heading into the office.

3. It reduces embarrassment

I don’t know about you, but I hate pop in guests…for the simple reason that I feel/know my home is never tidy enough to invite them into a welcoming space. The mess is incredibly embarrassing! On the way to answering the door, I would madly run around shutting all the internal doors to hide away my clutter.

Now that I’ve decluttered my room, and I make my bed every single morning, I’m proud to leave my bedroom door open! It seems to make the rest of the house not seem as bad. Not only that, I actually had my parents over for a cuppa recently…for what may be the first time in nearly a year. I look forward to many more cuppas with family and friends…and all because I now make my bed, which has led to wanting to look after the other areas of our house.

It’s such a joy to come home to a beautifully made bed every single day!

4. You provide a positive example for your family

Now, because I’ve never made my bed…neither do my children. I felt like I was constantly yelling at them to make their beds, but why would they when I never did it myself? My children never took any pride in their bedrooms, and it annoyed me greatly. I would often complain to my mum that the kids never cleaned their rooms, and it was driving me crazy. I’m sure she thought it was karma coming back to me for being a messy kid. I was failing them as a parent because I wasn’t teaching them that the simple tasks in life are important and worthwhile.

Since I started making my bed, there has been a complete change in their attitude! They have taken my queue, and are mirroring my actions in a positive way. Their rooms are tidier, and they make their own beds, not only without me yelling, but without me even asking! Mornings are so much calmer now. Miracle number 2!!

5. You have a sanctuary to retreat to

My bedroom was only ever a place for sleep. I never wanted to spend any time in there because it was completely unwelcoming and overwhelming. Now, it’s my favourite room of the house. I love retreating to my bedroom just to chill out and relax, watch a favourite television show by myself, read a book, write, spend quality time chatting with the kids, or reconnecting with my hubby. It is most definitely my sanctuary and the place I feel the most calm. I can feel my mental health improving every single day. Miracle no. 3!

If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed…

Do you make your bed every day…and more importantly, how many cushions is too many?

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